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  1. England


    PRIMA SEDINTA STAFF A SERVERULUI CS.EPTIC.RO VA FI PE DATA DE 07/07/2018 ORA 21:00 Cine nu va fi prezent va primi -1
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    Nu te supara , ai vreun grad Administrativ ca sa dai PRO / CONTRA ?
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    Cerere Admin Lex play mix

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    Cerere Admin BeNGoSsSu

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    Daca esti ezekeN ai grad ! Vad ca la STEAM ai link-ul lui
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    Cerere admin revolution^^

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    Cerere Admin - ezekeN

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    [Cerere admin] eFFecT

    ACCEPTAT T/C Sa imi lasi PM cu parola
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    [SUD] • RULES •

    SERVER / PLAYERS REGULATION 1. Using cheat, hacking on the server is forbidden. 2. The trivial or offensive language on the server is forbidden. 3. Advertisements to other servers, sites, forums on the server are forbidden. 4. The reprisals against the administrators or the serious ones are severely punished. 5. Silent silent or silent walks, target script, script no flash, target script to awp, etc. are prohibited. 6. The awp maps are not allowed with weapons [m4a1, ak47, mp5, navy] and grenades [he]. 7. You are not allowed to climb on the map you will receive Slap / Slay / Kick! [Exception: de_nuke_iarna, cs_italy_remake] 8. On the map of_cbble terrorists are not allowed in their tower from the base of Slay / Kick !. 9. To announce a possible coded use say_team @ + the code name. 10. Both players and administrators are not allowed to use skins. 11. Both players and administrators are not allowed to use "target to awp". 12. If you want to make an admin request, make sure you have the same name on the server and the forum, so avoid confusion. 13. Do not spawn (rebuy) with grenades! 14. Main Goal: Terrorists have the obligation to put BOMBA at one of the designated places (Site x1; x2) and if the bomb was planted, CTs have the obligation to defuse the bomb. 15. If the bomb is down then the terrorists have the obligation to raise it. In this situation, the CAMPING (Slay team) 16. Do NOT head to head with spam. 17. If you have already complained about a possible suspect in the administration of the admin, you are obliged to wait for the administrator's decision, implicit the measures against him, if necessary. 18. The insistent request of a map is forbidden. 19. It is forbidden to use the "MONITOR", ie the use of audio channels or the viewing to the neighbor computer in order to decompress the opponent's position. You risk 20. Locking the passageways, doors, bridges, windows in rounds is forbidden. 21. It is forbidden to stay AFK / Spectator for more than 10 minutes. 22. Sprays of vulgar nature are forbidden. 23. The CT team has the right to rush. 24. In special / extreme cases, owners may make exceptions to the rules outlined above! PENALTIES SYSTEM Warning the player on the mistakes made. Verbal warning Executing the gag command on the player. Warning gag Running the kick command on the player. Sanctioning easy Executing a temporary ban on the player. Temporary exclusion Execution of the final ban on the player. Final exclusion Executing the leave game on the player. Block cs + banare ADMINISTRATIVE RULES General Rules: 1. Admins will also be required to abide by the Player Rules 2. Do not abuse admin / admin commands. 3. The players will be respected and will be treated with care. If a player asks a question or announces a suspect, he will be answered. It is also accepted with amx_psay, unless you announce to your colleagues that you have responded by private message. 4. Admins that do not do their duty will be sanctioned; the activity includes: Responsibility to Unban Applications with Evidence, Vote to Admin / Slot Requests, General Forum / Server Activity. 5. Admins will not have Ban List, but they are required to keep the evidence of the bans for 2 weeks in case the player makes a Unban Request or a (Co) Owner will ask for them. 6. Admins should be interested in the Admins Only password and check the section periodically. Write / pass in chat to find your password. 7. Lower grade administrators will not require explanations from higher grades. 8. If an admin has gone to another server, he / she has no right to reapply to the access. 9. If an admin withdraws and wants to return to the Staff, he will get access with a lower degree than he had before. 10. All the administrators will respect each other regardless of degree. 11. Orders between admins are strictly forbidden! The exception to the rule is made by the Co-Owner or higher. If you suspect an admin would violate the rules, make a printscreen (or demo) and submit proof to the Admins Only section. 12. It is forbidden to borrow or use access to a person other than the one for which access was made. 13. Admins can sit AFK, especially during the night / morning, but only with amx_spectate. We recommend resetting your score to avoid unpleasant situations when the PTB moves to balance the teams, and you are AFK. 14. During night time, between 24:00 and 11:00 AM, the map will not change. They change automatically, just like restart-round and time-limit. 15. During the night program between 24:00 and 11:00 AM kicks are prohibited. The exception is when the server is full and other players have to be played if there are AFK players or big lagers. 16. The only persons who can post to the Unban Claims and Admin Complaints are the claimant (the claimant), the complainant (the requesting admin) and the Co-Owner or higher admins (see the posting rules and the model for each section). 17. If a player has made a Request for Unban, the admin in question has 24 hours to come up with a proof, otherwise he will be sanctioned. Ordering rules: 18. Players who do not meet the target (putting the bomb, defusing it or saving the hostages) will be sanctioned as appropriate, slap or slay but not abused by these orders. The only exception is when single CT / T remains alive against at least 5 enemies, then slap / slay is not required. 19. The amx_slayteam command will only be done if a team does not follow the map objects (putting the bomb, defusing it or saving the hostages). 20. The game is FREE, so admins will not give slay / slap to players who make rush, but to the limit of common sense. 21. There will be no bans on the IP class except in exceptional cases and only after consultation with a Owner. 22. Players who advertise on their behalf will only be renamed "CS.EPTIC.RO" and not otherwise. 23. Players who make ads in chat will receive gag, no ban. If they reconnect to the server and continue to spam, then they will be banned for 120 minutes. 24. Admins will not be allowed to take pictures of aliens, only a demo. Check with amx_showip where the player is from and then decide whether to take pictures or demo. Players who are Romanian (they speak Romanian, have Romanian names), but are settled in another country can be taken pictures. * New Admins will only get access if the question: did you read the rules? will answer: the best community 25. For injury or inappropriate language, the admins will use the "simple 3 rule": depending on the severity of the words, the admin should first warn him or give a gaggle 2-3 minutes, then the second is gag 4-6 minutes, and at the 3rd offense he receives a ban 30. 26. Admins that ping money must meet the limits: minimum ping 350 and minimum ping 700, banning 15 minutes. Proof of ping money is kept for 15 days. Rules for voting on maps: 27. Voting for maps will be made in the last 5 minutes remaining during the game, except for the server being fewer than 16 players. 28. The vote for maps will only be given after consulting the other admin present on the server. 29. Once the vote has been established and given, you are not allowed to intervene with another vote. The exception to the rule is if the first vote has been wrong or failed. 30. The vote must contain at least 3 maps, although the number recommended for voting for maps is 3. 31. When voting, do not repeat the last maps or maps on the same theme (nuke32 with nuke_rare, inferno with inferno2se, dust2 with dust, etc.) and use the command / maps. 32. Admins will announce the end of the map one round before. It is recommended that you also notify the following map (Ex: Last Round, Next "map"). Penalty system: At first offense, the admin receives a simple warning. If he / she then has another mistake within 14 days, he / she will be suspended from 3 to 7 days, depending on the severity of the situation. The next step is -1 degree or remove again, depending on the situation if the 14 days did not pass. Warnings are lost if 14 days pass and the admin understands the mistake he made and changed his behavior / is aware of his / her responsibility. We encourage administrators to have a fair but friendly attitude.
  11. Ai o sugestie sau o propunere prin care ar beneficia serverul de ceva? Daca da este perfect , te rugam sa faci un nou topic in aceasta sectiune : [SUD] Propunere / Sugestie "sugestia/propunerea" • Nick : • Propunerea / Sugestia : • Care este beneficiul :
  12. Acesta este modelul dupa care va trebui sa faceti cererea de Absenta / Retragere Nume Topic obligatoriu : [CS] Absenta / Retragere "nick" • Nick: • Grad: • Absenta/Activitate redusa/Retragere: • Perioada: • Motiv: • Alte precizari:
  13. #Conditii: • Obligatoriu va trebuie dovada altfel reclamatia va fi respinsa. • Respectarea modelului prezentat • Titlul cererii sa fie [SUD] Reclamatie admin "Nick" • In cazul in care reclamatia nu este scrisa corespunzator va fi respinsa. Model reclamatie admin: #Numele dvs: #Numele adminului reclamat: #Data si ora: Motiv reclamatie: Dovada(Print la consola sau demo)
  14. Conditii cerere unban: 1. Obligatoriu va trebuie dovada, altfel cererea va fi respinsa. 2. Respectarea modelului prezentat 3. Titlul cererii sa fie: [SUD] Cerere unban "Nick" 4. Site-uri upload pentru: - Poze: - Demo: Model cerere unban: Nickul vostru: IP-ul : STEAMID-ul: Motivul pentru care ati primit ban: Adminul care te-a banat: Ora aproximativa: Dovezile tale (Print la consola):
  15. SUD.EPTIC.RO # PUBLIC Faceti cerere pentru Slot dupa modelul urmator : Nick pe Server : Varsta (minim 16 ani ) : SteamID : Ore Jucate :