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  1. NIKO

    NIKO BAN....

    This is not a hack but a bug. If I'm a hack I would have known a long time ago. I do not use hacks, I play clean. It's a shame for you that you miss a good player .... And you're the simple admin lalu.... You are a low player who does not deserve to be an admin, you do not understand from these things It was nice to play with most of you, a nice game. For every joke, you were swinging and swearing me, but still I would keep the good tone. nice day Romanian friends .... NIKO....
  2. NIKO

    Did I ask a hard question? Will you get me off bann-a or no ???

  3. Hello, I'm putting a ban theme. I once again point out that I have been playing for two years now and I have never used a hack. Lalu asked me for WG, I was interested in this Romanian program and it turned out to be hacking, there he wrote that everything was fine. Why did I get a ban? And the last question why did you let me play for two years if you think I'm a hack, + have I never been to the top of the server? If you do not like Bulgarians or you tell me..... I like a server and I want to keep playing. I can not be clean for two years now, and now I have a ban ... No logic😞
  4. NIKO

    I want a justification why you fuck so this admin with me ??? and if he thinks he can play is lying on a cam uphill I pushed 2 heads in a row and immediately thought he was hack hahahahah

      No Cheat Signature Detected   This is what I downloaded WG.....

  5. NIKO

    I play for two years, and finally I'm banning. I want a vaggis this simple admin Lalu I go to withdraw it even with viruses I give it to him and tells me I'm a hack, WHY AND WHO IS ME HAK


  6. NIKO

    Hi Kobra, I am b3|NIKO. I have a question.
    - why i get it GUG from LALU?!    This administration is not happening.
    - Is it allowed rush or no, becаuce of me kick,slay..... I apologize but the administrators are  strange in their decisions.

    I respect your server and I want the same from you.


    1. Kobra


      The rush is allowed,it's free game.

      You probably get gagged for swearing, if you have the necessary proofs you can make a complaint.

    2. NIKO


      I will not give anything I have many incompetent administrations on the server. Every time he comes in to play (LALLU) me gug kick and slay.

      We speak in different languages, I speak to my people But I do not swear to you. I have been playing for two years now, and I am tired of putting these oligophrenes on the brink

      You're a good boss, but your men do what they want.